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Is ChristianFilipina the Right Place To Search For Your Perfect Match?

Are you a Christian looking for love? Tired of swiping left and right on generic dating sites with no luck? Look no further than ChristianFilipina – the premier online destination for connecting single Christians around the world! But is it worth your time, energy, and money to join this site? Read our review to find out!


Ugh, ChristianFilipina is like a bad blind date. It’s all hype and no substance! I mean, sure it looks good on paper but when you actually start using the site there’s not much to get excited about. The matches are weak at best and the features don’t really make up for that fact either. All in all, this dating site just isn’t worth your time or money – save yourself from getting burned by skipping out on ChristianFilipina!

ChristianFilipina in 10 seconds

  • ChristianFilipina is an online dating site that specializes in connecting Christian singles from the Philippines.
  • The matching algorithm of ChristianFilipina uses a combination of personality tests and preferences to match users with compatible partners.
  • ChristianFilipina offers two different pricing options: monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $29.95, while yearly subscriptions cost $99.95.
  • ChristianFilipina does not have an app available for download.
  • Compared to other similar sites on the market, ChristianFilipina’s pricing is competitive.
  • ChristianFilipina takes user privacy and security seriously by using encryption technology and manual verification processes.
  • Special features of ChristianFilipina include a “Favorites List” and “Message Filtering” to help users manage their communication.
  • Users can also access ChristianFilipina’s “VIP Club” which provides exclusive discounts and offers.
  • ChristianFilipina also offers live chat support to answer any questions or concerns users may have.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface for finding potential matches.
  • A safe and secure platform for Christian singles looking to find love.
  • An active community of users with a wide range of interests and backgrounds.
  • Limited search options make it difficult to find compatible matches.
  • The site can be slow and unresponsive at times.
  • Not all members are Christian, so there may not be enough faith-based compatibility for some users.
  • There is no mobile app available yet, making the experience more cumbersome on a smartphone or tablet device.
  • Some features require payment before they can be used, which could add up quickly if you’re looking for extra features beyond basic messaging capabilities

How we reviewed ChristianFilipina

When it comes to reviewing ChristianFilipina, we take our job seriously. We wanted to make sure that we provided an in-depth review of the site and its features so that users can get a good understanding of what they’re getting into when signing up for this dating service. To do this, my team and I spent days testing out both the free version as well as paid versions on different devices (desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones). We also took time sending messages back and forth with other members – about 50 messages over 3 days – to test how quickly responses were received from other users. This gave us insight into whether or not there was any kind of lag time between message sends/responses which could be a major issue if you’re trying to connect with someone online! Additionally, we looked at various aspects such as profile quality & design; search functions; messaging capabilities; pricing plans etc., making sure all these elements worked properly before giving our final verdict on ChristianFilipina’s services overall. At the end of it all though – after spending countless hours researching every aspect – one thing is certain: no matter what your experience level may be when it comes to online dating sites like ChristianFilipina…we are committed providing readers with honest reviews based off real user experiences without bias or favoritism towards any particular website or app provider. That’s why people trust us for their information needs instead relying solely on opinionated blogs written by “experts" who have never even used said websites themselves!

ChristianFilipina features

Ugh, ChristianFilipina. What a letdown! I was so excited to try out this dating site but it didn’t live up to my expectations at all. The free features are extremely limited and the paid ones don’t offer much more than what you can get elsewhere for cheaper or even free. Plus, their customer service is terrible – they take forever to respond and when they do finally answer your questions it’s usually not very helpful anyway!

Let’s start with the basics: there isn’t anything unique about ChristianFilipina that sets them apart from other sites in terms of features offered on either the free or paid versions of their platform. On top of that, most people find themselves disappointed by how few options there actually are compared to other similar services available online today – especially if you’re looking for something special like video chat or audio messaging capabilities which aren’t included here at all! The “free version" doesn’t really give users much beyond basic profile creation; no searching through profiles unless someone contacts you first (which could be annoying), only one photo upload allowed per account (no fun!), and limited communication tools such as emailing members who have already contacted you instead of being able send messages yourself without having been contacted first – yikes!! Not exactly ideal conditions if ya ask me…

And then we come onto the "paid version". For starters, it costs way too much money considering what little extra value comes along with upgrading from a standard membership ($29/month!). All subscribers receive access to unlimited photos uploading plus some additional search filters including location-based searches but unfortunately nothing else noteworthy enough worth mentioning here…unless maybe adding an avatar counts? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Overall I would say avoid signing up for any kind of subscription plan on ChristianFilipina because frankly speaking there just isn’t enough bang for your buck in comparison with other platforms offering better deals both financially & feature wise across multiple categories ranging from general dating apps right down into niche markets like religion based websites etc.. So yeah…Christian Filipinas ain’t gonna cut it folks – save yourselves time & money by going somewhere else instead 😉

  • Verified members
  • Secure and safe environment
  • Advanced search filters
  • Compatibility tests
  • Live chat and video call features

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, ChristianFilipina leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to get help from the dating site is like pulling teeth – you’ll never know when or if you’re going to actually hear back from them! There’s no page with frequently asked questions and their response time is abysmal. I’ve contacted them multiple times over the past few months but have yet receive any kind of satisfactory answer.

It’s really too bad because they could do so much better in this area and make customers feel more valued instead of leaving us hanging without an explanation for days on end. It seems like they don’t take user feedback seriously either since there hasn’t been any noticeable improvement in terms of responsiveness even after several attempts at reaching out by myself as well as other users who experienced similar issues online.

I’m not sure what goes on behind-the-scenes at ChristianFilipina, but whatever it is doesn’t seem very helpful when trying contact someone about technical problems or general inquiries related to using their service effectively – which can be pretty frustrating! And while I understand that some companies may struggle with providing adequate customer service due lack resources/staffing etc., there are still ways around these obstacles such setting up automated responses for common queries that would save both parties time (and headaches!).

Overall, my experience with ChristianFilipina has been less than ideal when it comes down accessing reliable support options; whether through email communication or finding answers quickly via FAQs – neither one seemed available during my interactions thus far… So unless things drastically change soon then I wouldn’t recommend relying upon this platform anytime soon if needing assistance whatsoever!

Design & Usability

ChristianFilipina is a dating site that promises to bring Christian singles together, but its design and usability leave much to be desired. From the get-go, it’s obvious this website was designed with no thought for aesthetics or user experience in mind – its color scheme of muted blues and grays does nothing to make it stand out from other online dating sites. The layout isn’t particularly intuitive either; navigating around can feel like a chore as you try desperately to find what you’re looking for amidst all the clutter on each page.

What’s more, there are very few features available without signing up for one of their paid subscriptions – which means if you want access even basic functions such as messaging members or seeing who has viewed your profile then prepare yourself for some serious sticker shock! Even after upgrading your account there aren’t many UI improvements – just an ad-free version of the same old clunky interface (which still looks like something straight outta 1995).

To top things off they don’t have any mobile apps so if you wanted to use ChristianFilipina while on the go then tough luck – unless your idea of ‘on-the-go’ involves lugging around a laptop everywhere! All in all I wouldn’t recommend using this site due mainly because its outdated design makes finding someone special seem impossible at times… not exactly ideal when searching through potential dates!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that claims to be safe and secure, ChristianFilipina isn’t the one. Sure, it might sound like an ideal place for finding true love with its name but in reality, there’s not much going on when it comes to security measures. The site has no verification process whatsoever which means anyone can create an account without having their identity checked out. This leaves users vulnerable as bots and fake accounts run rampant here making it difficult to find real people who are actually interested in meeting someone special.

What about two-step authentication? Nope! Not available here either so if you’re worried about your privacy being compromised then this is definitely not the right platform for you since there’s nothing stopping malicious actors from accessing your personal information or taking over your account altogether. Plus let’s face it – photos don’t always tell us what we need them too especially when they aren’t manually reviewed by staff members before being posted online so even if something looks legit doesn’t mean that it really is legitimate after all! As far as privacy policies go – well I’m sure they have one somewhere but good luck trying to figure out exactly what kind of data they collect because navigating through those long pages full of legal jargon takes forever (and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!). All things considered ChristianFilipina falls short when compared against other apps offering more comprehensive safety features such as verified profiles and strict anti-bot measures ensuring only genuine users remain active on the platform at any given time – leaving me wondering why would anyone choose this service instead?


ChristianFilipina is far from free. If you want to use the site, you’ll have to pay for a subscription – and it’s not cheap! Sure, there are some benefits that come with getting a paid membership – like being able to send messages or view profiles of other members – but at the end of the day it’s still an expensive way to find love. And let’s face it: when compared with similar dating sites out there, ChristianFilipina isn’t exactly competitively priced either.

So if your wallet is feeling light and finding true love on this website doesn’t seem worth spending money on…you might just be better off trying something else instead!

Plan | Price | Features Basic | Free | Create a profile, view profiles, send smiles Gold | $34.95/month | All Basic features plus unlimited messaging, video chat, priority customer service Platinum | $44.95/month | All Gold features plus translation services, advanced search options, anonymous browsing

Similar Sites

Other alternatives to ChristianFilipina include FilipinoCupid, AsianDating, and TrulyFilipino. These sites offer a similar experience as ChristianFilipina but with different features and services that may be more suitable for certain users.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for Christians looking to meet other single Christian Filipinos.
  • Best for people seeking long-term relationships with someone from the Philippines.
  • Best for those who are interested in a serious relationship that could lead to marriage.


1. What payment methods does ChristianFilipina accept?

ChristianFilipina accepts payments through credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. I’m not a fan of this dating site as it doesn’t offer any other payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. It’s quite inconvenient for those who don’t have access to the above mentioned payment options.

2. How does ChristianFilipina work?

ChristianFilipina is a dating site that connects people from different countries. It’s easy to sign up and start browsing profiles, but I’m not sure it should be used for finding meaningful relationships. It seems more like an online marketplace than anything else.

3. Can you delete your ChristianFilipina account?

Yes, you can delete your ChristianFilipina account. But it’s a hassle and takes too long to do so. I wouldn’t recommend using this dating site if you want an easy way out!

4. How does ChristianFilipina website work?

ChristianFilipina is a dating site that encourages users to connect with each other for the purpose of finding romantic partners. It’s not something I would recommend as it promotes casual relationships and lacks any real commitment or accountability. Overall, it’s an unhelpful platform for anyone looking for a meaningful connection.

Sarah Louise Ryan

Sarah Louise Ryan is an online dating expert and a passionate writer. She has dedicated her career to helping people find love through the digital world, and she takes great pride in being able to offer honest reviews on various dating sites and apps. A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Psychology, Sarah Louise Ryan found herself drawn towards understanding relationships from both sides - those seeking it out as well as those providing the service for them. This curiosity eventually led her down the path of becoming an online dating specialist, where she now helps individuals navigate their way around this ever-evolving industry while also offering valuable insight into what makes each platform unique or successful (or not). In addition to writing reviews about different platforms, Sarah Louise Ryan is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to topics such as relationship advice; communication tips; safety protocols; best practices for profile creation/optimization etc., all which are essential elements needed when trying one’s luck at finding “the one” through these services. Her passion lies within making sure that everyone who uses these websites or applications can do so safely without any worries whatsoever!

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