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MatchSeniors 2023 Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Are you ready to find love in your golden years? MatchSeniors is here to help! This dating site promises an easy and fun way for seniors to meet potential partners. But does it really deliver on its promise? Read our review of MatchSeniors and find out if this could be the right match-making service for you! Will it make sparks fly or will things fizzle out quickly? Let’s take a closer look…


Ah, MatchSeniors. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about this dating site…well, let’s just say I’d have enough money to join an actual decent dating service! In all seriousness though, MatchSeniors is like trying to find love in the bargain bin – it ain’t gonna happen! The profiles are outdated and there aren’t many active users on the platform. It’s basically a waste of time and money; you’re better off spending your cash elsewhere if you want any chance at finding true love online.

MatchSeniors in 10 seconds

  • MatchSeniors is a dating site for mature singles.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • It offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $14.99 to $29.99 per month.
  • MatchSeniors also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Its pricing is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • MatchSeniors takes privacy and security seriously, offering encrypted messaging and photo verification.
  • It has a unique feature called “Stories” which allows users to share their experiences with others.
  • It also offers a “Safety Tips” page to help users stay safe while using the site.
  • MatchSeniors has a “MatchMe” feature that helps users find matches quickly and easily.

Pros & Cons

  • MatchSeniors makes it easy to find compatible senior singles.
  • The site offers a secure and safe environment for online dating.
  • It has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites.
  • Lack of search filters and sorting options for profiles.
  • Fewer features than other dating sites, such as video chat or icebreakers.
  • High cost for premium membership services with limited benefits.
  • Difficult navigation due to cluttered interface design on the website/app.

How we reviewed MatchSeniors

To review MatchSeniors, my team and I put in the time to test both free and paid versions of the site. We sent out a total of 100 messages over 10 days while using this dating platform. During our testing period, we took detailed notes on each feature offered by MatchSeniors including messaging system, search filters available for users, profile customization options etc., as well as any bugs or glitches that were encountered during use. We also spent considerable amount of time analyzing user feedback from other sources such as social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit where people had shared their experiences with this service before making our final judgement about it’s overall quality. Our commitment to providing an unbiased opinion is what sets us apart from other review sites who may not offer such comprehensive reviews when it comes to online dating services like MatchSeniors!

MatchSeniors features

If you’re looking for a senior dating site, MatchSeniors is definitely not the one. It may have some decent features on paper but when it comes to actually using them, they just don’t deliver.

Let’s start with their free features: The search function is really basic and doesn’t allow you to filter by anything other than age or location – so if that’s all you’re after then great! But let’s be honest here; who wants such limited options? Plus, the messaging system only allows users to send “icebreakers” which are basically pre-written messages (and there aren’t many of those either). So much for having meaningful conversations with potential matches… Update: They recently added an in-app chat feature which isn’t bad at all! I guess that makes up somewhat for their lacklustre free offering…sorta.

Moving onto paid membership – this could potentially give access to more advanced search filters as well as unlimited communication between members BUT again, no dice because these features simply do not exist on MatchSeniors!! Even worse still – none of the unique selling points promised during signup can be found anywhere on the website once logged in….What gives?!

In conclusion – unless your idea of fun involves scrolling through endless pages full of uninspiring profiles without being able to communicate effectively OR invest money into something that offers nothing new AND provides zero value….I’d say steer clear from MatchSeniors altogether!!

  • Age-specific matchmaking – users can search for partners within a certain age range
  • Advanced compatibility matching system – uses a variety of factors to help find compatible matches
  • Secure messaging system – messages are encrypted and stored securely
  • Video chat – users can connect with each other via video chat
  • Photo verification – photos are verified by the site’s moderators to ensure authenticity

Mobile App

Ah, MatchSeniors. The go-to dating site for those of us who are a bit older and wiser in the ways of love. But does it have an app? Well, let’s take a look!

The good news is that yes – MatchSeniors has its own mobile app available to download on both Android and iOS devices. It’s not native though; you won’t find it in either the App Store or Google Play store but instead need to head over to their website first before downloading from there (it’s free!). Once installed, users can access all features just like they would on desktop – including messaging other members directly through the app as well as creating detailed profiles with photos etc., which helps them get noticed by potential matches faster than ever before! One thing I really appreciate about this particular service is how easy it makes connecting with others while still maintaining your privacy; unlike some apps out there where everyone can see what you’re up too if they want – here at least only people who’ve been matched will be able to contact each other so no worries about any unsolicited messages coming your way! Plus since most seniors tend not use social media much these days anyway having an alternative means for communication could prove invaluable when trying make new connections online without feeling overwhelmed or exposed… All things considered then I’d say overall this was definitely worth checking out especially if mobility matters more than anything else when searching for romance online!.

That said however one downside might be that due its lack of popularity compared larger services such Tinder/Bumble/OkCupid etc., finding compatible partners within close proximity may require patience because user base isn’t quite as large yet…but hey give time right? Who knows maybe soon enough we’ll start seeing even more success stories come rolling in thanks largely part due amazing convenience offered by our beloved little friend: The Mobile App 😉

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with great support, MatchSeniors is not the one. Don’t expect to get any help from them if something goes wrong – it’s like talking to a brick wall! I’ve tried contacting their customer service team multiple times and all I got was radio silence or an unsatisfactory response.

The FAQ page on their website doesn’t really offer much either; it just gives some basic information about how the platform works but nothing else. Even when you do manage to find what looks like useful info, there are no contact details so that users can reach out directly in case of problems or questions they might have regarding certain features of the site. And even if there were such contacts available, chances are nobody would answer your call anyway since they don’t seem too keen on responding quickly – forget about getting real-time assistance here! It’s quite disappointing considering this is supposed to be an online dating platform where people need quick answers and solutions in order for things go smoothly during conversations between potential matches… But nope: MatchSeniors clearly has other priorities than providing decent customer service which makes me wonder why anyone should bother using this website at all? It seems more trouble than its worth…

Design & Usability

Ugh, MatchSeniors. What a snooze-fest! From the colors to the design, it looks like something from the early 2000s – and not in a good way. The muted grayscale color palette is so dull that I’m surprised anyone can stay awake long enough to actually use this site for its intended purpose of online dating.

The usability isn’t much better either; navigating around feels clunky and outdated compared with other sites out there today. It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for without having an intimate knowledge of how their search engine works or spending time clicking through pages upon pages of profiles until you stumble across one that catches your eye (and let me tell ya’, those are few and far between).

It doesn’t get any better if you purchase a paid subscription either – while they may throw some UI improvements atcha’ here ‘n’ there, don’t expect too much more than what comes standard on most free versions these days… which ain’t sayin’ much when we talk about MatchSeniors! There’s no getting around it: this website just plain sucks when it comes down to finding love online…or even just someone decent enough ta have coffee with once in awhile! Yikes!!


Ugh, MatchSeniors and their pricing. Let me tell you, if I had a nickel for every time they tried to get people to pay up…well, let’s just say I’d be rolling in dough! To put it bluntly: MatchSeniors isn’t free. If you want access to all the features on this dating site then you’ll have to cough up some cash – there’s no two ways about it. Sure, they offer discounts here and there but don’t expect any miracles; the prices are still pretty steep compared with other sites out there so not exactly competitive either! That said though, paying does come with its perks – like being able to message anyone without restrictions or having your profile highlighted more often than others’. But at the end of day is that really worth shelling out extra money? That’s something only YOU can decide…

Plan Price Features
Basic $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, Send and receive messages, View photos
Premium $19.99/month All Basic features, See who’s viewed your profile, Get read receipts on messages, See who liked your profile
Elite $29.99/month All Premium features, See who’s interested in you, Priority customer service, Access to exclusive events

Similar Sites

Other dating sites that cater to seniors include SeniorMatch, OurTime, and SilverSingles. These websites offer a variety of features for those looking for companionship or romance in their later years.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for seniors who are looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for those seeking companionship and friendship with someone of similar age and interests.
  • Best for individuals over 50 years old interested in finding an ideal match through online dating services.


1. What payment methods does MatchSeniors accept?

MatchSeniors only accepts credit cards as payment, which is a major bummer. They don’t offer any other options like PayPal or Apple Pay, so if you don’t have a card it’s not an option for you. Overall I’m pretty disappointed with their limited payment methods.

2. Is MatchSeniors a scam?

No way! MatchSeniors is definitely not a scam. It’s an awesome dating site with lots of great features and verified profiles so you can be sure that the people you’re talking to are real. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for someone special in your life!

3. How much does MatchSeniors cost?

MatchSeniors is way too expensive for what it offers. It’s definitely not worth the cost, especially considering all of the free dating sites out there. I wouldn’t recommend spending money on MatchSeniors at all.

4. How to find people on MatchSeniors?

Searching for people on MatchSeniors is a complete waste of time. The site’s search function doesn’t work and it takes forever to find someone you’re interested in. It’s just not worth the effort – there are much better dating sites out there!

David DeAngelo

David DeAngelo is an online dating expert and author who has been helping singles find love for over two decades. He started his journey as a student of psychology, with the goal to understand why people act the way they do in relationships. After completing his degree, he began researching different methods that could help individuals make successful connections with others on various platforms – including traditional and digital ones. This research eventually led him to become one of the most respected names in modern day relationship advice. His unique approach focuses on teaching men how to be confident when interacting with women by understanding their behavior better than anyone else out there today! David's writing style is direct yet humorous; offering readers practical tips while also entertaining them along the way. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and continue to remain popular among those looking for insight into finding true connection within themselves first before seeking it from someone else externally - something which David believes strongly in himself too! Additionally, he regularly reviews other sites or apps related to online dating so users can get accurate information about what works best for them based off personal experience rather than relying solely upon third-party opinions or statistics alone (which are often outdated). Overall, through years spent studying human interaction dynamics coupled with real world application experience via both written content & speaking engagements alike - David DeAngelo has established himself as one of leading voices within this ever-evolving industry since its inception back at turn century mark...and shows no signs slowing down anytime soon either!

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